This fund provides postdoctoral fellows at KUMC who wish to attend professional development workshops or programs of professional interest with $1500 of support. This award is not meant to support travel to venues for the purpose of presenting one’s research or scholarly work. Examples of fundable activities include, but are not limited to, teaching and pedagogy conferences, workshops or short courses for skill acquisition, leadership training, and networking events.

Requests are generally reviewed once per year, with the deadline for 2020 applications falling on November 22nd. New review periods may appear dependent on available funds.

Not every worthy request in every period will be able to be funded.

KPA holds all requests received up to each deadline, reviews them, and awards funds. All available funds are normally allocated during each review period, and therefore the KPA is ordinarily unable to consider requests received after the deadline. However, if funds remain for that funding period, late requests may be considered. Participation in KPA events throughout the year will be considered along with the application request.

Applications must include a statement (800-word max limit) describing the event/activity funds are requested for. The statement should address how participation will impact and promote career/professional development. Award recipients will be asked at a later time the following travel to provide a brief recap of the event at a KPA career development seminar event, with the aim of informing fellow postdocs of available career/professional development opportunities.

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