We will conduct 32 focus groups in August to inform development of the Kansas Implementation Plan for Federal grants that support services for crime victims. Focus groups will be confidential and participants will use an assigned ID number rather than their names to protect their identity. If you would like to participate in a focus group for your sector (law enforcement, courts, prosecution, healthcare, victims services, and/or services for traditionally underserved crime victims, please complete the survey below by July 31. It is important that you notify your supervisor that you are volunteering to participate in a focus group. We will use the survey information to match you with the appropriate sector and geographic regional focus group.

Starting 7/27/2020, Judy Johnston will contact everyone who completes the survey to schedule participation. Please be certain that Judy’s e-mail (jjohnsto@kumc.edu) is in your contacts list so that her e-mail to you will not go to SPAM.

Thank you in advance!

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