The SPA electronic Proposal Routing Sheet (ePRs) has been replaced with the Funding Proposal [FP] smart form in mySponsoredProjects [ MSP = Grants tab in myResearch]

Please begin your funding proposals in myResearch as early as possible.

Please be sure to work with your preferred research support team, refer to KUMC Department Administrative Contacts for Research, to develop and finalize your proposal budget, application forms and documents.

Funding proposals REQUIRE routing and review by the department before being routed to SPA. Please avoid delays by starting the process early!

The funding proposal (FP) smartform replaces the electronic proposal routing sheet (ePRS) for new grant and sponsored activity applications and is a requirement for all new awards.

SPA will be able to view funding proposals that have been started in the system. The SPA Grants Officer (aka Specialist) assigned to your department/cost center, will generally be the Specialist for your funding proposal; however there may be times when funding proposals will be re-assigned due to workload and out of office schedule. Re-assignment will be done no later than 14 days prior to the sponsor deadline when started in at least 15 days in advance of the sponsor's deadline.

Visit myResearch to get started!

Learn more about myResearch on the KUMC Intranet!

Please email if you have any questions.