• The University of Kansas Medical Center Global Scholars Distinction Program (GSDP) recognizes students who engage in educational experiences that involve working with a variety of cultures and/or with under-served communities. These experiences can be local, national, and/or global.
  •  The goal of the GSDP is to give permanent recognition to students who take the initiative and show a commitment to extra-curricular activities, including but not limited to volunteering in their communities, learning a foreign language, engaging with other cultures, participating in an international educational experience or leading a student-group focused on health disparities.
  •  GSDP encourages students to combine classroom learning with experiential learning.



  • Highlight cultural awareness, knowledge and skills
  • Encourage students to articulate connections between courses and extra-curricular experiences
  • Honor those who demonstrate communication, teaching and leadership skills
  • Distinguish those who learn or speak a second language
  • Spotlight student research
  • Recognize experiential learning
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